Address by Mr. P Jayadevan, Executive Director – IndianOil (Tamil Nadu & Puducherry)


Address by Mr. P Jayadevan, Executive Director – IndianOil (Tamil Nadu & Puducherry)

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Greeting from IndianOil to all of you,

It’s my privilege to be here today and meet all of you.  The objective of this media meet today is to update you all on various initiatives IndianOil has taken in the areas of Customer Care, Infrastructure Development, New Marketing Initiatives, etc.

Let me commence this session with the information that we have to share on a subject that is very significant for the media, which is LPG.


In LPG IndianOi’s Indane has a market Share of 58.1 with the sales of over 1250 TMTs of product during the last fiscal and in the current year we expect to sell 1316 TMTs.Out of the total number of LPG distributors of 1598 on industry basis, IndianOil has 851 distributors. Out of the total number of 238 lakhs LPG customers of in Tamil Nadu, IndianOil has 136 lakhs Indane Customers.

Looking into the LPG Projects, Salem Bottling Plant with a capacity of 120 TMTPA has been commissioned at a total cost of about Rs.90 Crore – this is India’s first LPG bottling plant to be built on Raze and Rebuild basis, where the old plant was completely knocked down and the new one built from ground-up.  Commercial production started with effect from May, 2019.

IndianOil has Started trail production 128 TMTPA Tirunelveli LPG bottling plant at a total cost of 78.5 Crores after receiving all statutory approvals. The Gas-in for Tirunelveli LPG bottling plant was successfully completed on 18.12.2019 and the commercial trail production started from 30.12.2019.

Both the LPG Bottling plants would roll out around 45000 LPG Cylinders per day easing out the supply bottlenecks in Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari and Nagercoil Districts.  IndianOil through its 12 Bottling Plants across Tamil Nadu and with a rated LPG bottling capacity of 1060 TMTPA (Thousand Metric Tonnes Per Annum) is producing around 2.65 Lakh Indane Cylinders per day.

IndianOil is also set to augment the storage capacity of its bottling plants across the state to gear up for the enhanced demand for the product in the current year.  Around 1500 MTs of storage was added at Puducherry and Trichy Bottling Plants. We would be shortly adding another 1500 MTs of LPG Storage capacity at Erode Bottling plants.  IndianOil has also planned for an additional LPG storage capacity of 3150 MT at Madurai and Ennore bottling plants. Current LPG storage capacity of LPG across the bottling plants in Tamil Nadu is about 15,000 MTs which includes 1800 MTs of Tirunelveli bottling plant.

In sync with the augmentation of the storage capacity, we are also expanding the bottling capacity in the plants by upgrading carousel machines as in Coimbatore, Erode and Trichy bottling plants and by installing larger carousels with more number of filling points in Puducherry LPG bottling plant.

Adding all this, total value of all the ongoing and proposed projects in Tamil Nadu bottling plants is around Rs.210 Crores. IndianOil has launched and is sustaining a host of customer centric initiatives including multiple options for digital payments.

Customer centric initiatives in LPG:

IndianOil One, a unified mobile app for fuel needs of customers with options for refill booking, payment, tracking available for Indane customers of All India. Currently around 8 lakh customers are registered users.

Refill booking thru WhatsApp facility was launched by Chairman- IndianOil in October at Vizag wherein customers can book Indane cylinder through WhatsApp by typing “REFILL” from their registered number to 7588888824. IndianOil has introduced an LPG chatbot through which the customers get the status of booked refill, status of LPG subsidy and reply to the standard FAQs.

Along with refill delivery confirmation SMS, IndianOil is also sending a feedback link to domestic LPG customers seeking his/her feedback related to services provided by distributor viz. charging correct rate, demonstration of weight, checking of seal & leakages and also the rating for the overall refill delivery experience. This is a direct feedback to INDIANOIL for taking necessary actions.

In order to capture the last mile information of refill delivery, deliverymen are provided with mobile app through which delivery confirmation is carried out at customer premises, also capturing latitude and longitude of location of refill delivery. Moreover, in this mobile app option for making digital payments at the doorstep through mPOS / wallets is also available.Pre-Delivery Check Awareness Campaign is being undertaken across the country by LPG Team. The campaign resulted in the significant improvements in the customer feedback on PDC being undertaken by delivery boys.

For the benefit of PMUY customers, IndianOil is promoting 5 kg domestic cylinders.  Existing PMUY customers having 14.2 kg cylinders can exchange their 14.2 cylinders with 5 kg domestic cylinder, enabling the customer to obtain the refill with less of financial burden. IndianOil has launched differentiated LPG with nano additive in select markets across the Country. This product has received excellent response from customers as it has helped them reduce fuel costs.


IndianOil with the widespread retail network of more than 2318 Retail Outlets including 630 Kisan seva Kendras (Rural Outlets) in Tamil Nadu is the market leader in all the products including petrol and diesel.IndianOil has planned to set up 2615 new retail outlets for which applications were called and we received response for 2277 locations.  However, the new dealer selection process was kept in abeyance due to court stay, the selection process was kept in abeyance w.e.f. 20.2.19 at industry level in TN & Puducherry. However after the Supreme Court’s Judgement in October 2019, the selection process has resumed and IndianOil had issued 248 Letter of Intents till 10.02.2020.

Focusing on social rehabilitation of prisoners, IndianOil has signed MoU with department of Prisons and correctional services, Tamil Nadu. Total 11 state-of-the-art “Freedom filling station” are planned. 5 are already in operation with deployment of over 150 inmates. Besides Social rehabilitation of prison inmates, the outlet provides avenue for skill development/employment on release and Marketing of prison produce in “Freedom Bazaar”.  IndianOil has commissioned 22 outlets in Government department sites and we have plans to commission another 11 Retail Outlets this year.We have automated 2251 Retail outlets in Tamil Nadu & puducherry, which will record all transaction done at the ROs. The retail automation will ensure 100 % quality and quantity delivered to customers. Real time data transfer from the retail outlet to IOC will ensure close monitoring of all transaction at the ROs.

IndianOil through its channel partners is marketing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), branded as IOC ClearBlue.  In the new emission era of BS-VI, all diesel vehicles would require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) like IOC CLEARBLUE for controlling NOx (nitrogen oxides) emitted. To facilitate the production of IOC Clearblue, IndianOil’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Plant with capacity of 30,000 KLPA (Kilo Litre Per Annum) was commissioned at Manesar last year.

IndianOil has commenced Fuel @ Doorstep services in cities of Chennai and further expanding the services to tier-2 cities like Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Trichy, Erode, Vellore etc.Around 1000 Retail Outlets i.e nearly 45% of the Petrol Pumps in Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Region is solarized with power generation capacity of 6.6 MW. This will ensure uninterrupted customer service even during power failure. IndianOil is committed to renewable energy solution to protect the environment and further targets to solarize more outlets in the years to come.

IndianOil has been doing well in terms of digital transactions in Retail outlets. Around 31% of transactions in IndianOil’s Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Retail outlets are done digitally and Chennai Region tops the chart with 43% of transactions through digital modes.IndianOil has installed SERVO Quick Lube change Machines at 884 Retail outlets across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, where customers can walk-in for Genuine Servo 4T Lube Change without any hassle or wait.


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