Balavidyalaya The School for Young Deaf Children Today celebrated 50th Anniversary In Chennai

Students singing rhymes during the celebrations.
Established in 1969, Balavidyalaya believes that it is the birth right of deaf and hard of hearing children to become part of the mainstream society through learning to speak like most children. The school admits infants and young children less than 3 years, focuses on developing oral language skills in them using DHVANI Methodology and integrates them into mainstream schools when they are 5 years old. The school has to its credit more than 1200 alumni students in the mainstream in all walks of life.
Students singing rhymes during the celebrations.
A fresh batch of students were integrated today for main stream education after 5 years of training. As a part of the event Children below 5 years recited Rhymes, which proved that children with hearing impurity can speak if early intervention is provided to them on time. Awards and accolades were given to teachers in appreciation of their dedication.


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